Danny the Dog

Danny – one of the dogs on the property.

Back in August, I went on a much-needed writers retreat. For a few months leading up to the retreat I had been feeling hemmed in by life. There was nothing major going on, I simply felt like I was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere.

Being a stay at home mum can feel very isolating and repetitive at times.  I guess I was feeling the pinch with my youngest going to preschool next year. In many ways, I was ready for the next phase of my life, a new chapter, or adventure if you will.

My writing buddy, Laurinda suggested the retreat and we made it happen. Three nights away, no kids in a gorgeous setting on the river down south in NSW.

It was cold but amazing. Laurinda and I wrote, wrote and wrote some more. We laughed, stayed up late gabbing and had a great time.

It was extra special for me as I got to catch up with my roommate from the RWA Conference last year, Cath Evans. We laughed and had so much fun playing Danny, one of the dogs on the property.


Sunrise over the river

I felt so blessed to be able to have some solid time to write, relax and recharge not just my mum batteries but my creative ones as well.

I can’t wait to do it again next year!

Below are some photos from the retreat.



Cath and Danny

Cath and Danny

everyone needs bacon

Who doesn’t love shadow puppets with bacon?!


Reading on retreat

Book reading is a must!