Jessica Wakefield Author

About Jessica

Born three months too early and told she wouldn’t survive, Jessica has always been on the go, proving everyday by simply living that God is a God of miracles. But growing up in a small town in northern New South Wales taught her to appreciate the slower pace of life.

Moving to Newcastle to attend university, Jessica studied high school English and history. As life would have it, God intervened and used her teaching degree to share the Gospel with high school kids. Marriage and children brought a new focus to her life, and provided the opportunity to run a blog for three years with her sister.

Jessica started penning really bad Anne of Green Gables fan fiction as a kid, has a lifelong love of the Sweet Valley High books, and after she stopped blogging, knew it was time to focus on her love of writing. When her eldest turned four, she finally sat down to write the love stories that have been roaming around her head for as long as she could remember.

 I’m off on an adventure and I’d love it if you came along…because love is worth the journey.