Sometimes reaching for your goals is hard but exhilarating at the same time. You reach heights of joy and then sometimes you thud back down to earth. That is the name of the game in this writing journey.

I recently made the finals in a publishing competition. I didn’t make the final 3 to be published with them but I made the final ten. I’m disappointednotebook-731212_1280 but then it hits me. I still did really well and I’m really proud of what I achieved and the work I submitted to get me there.

So my hopes got dashed but my dreams didn’t. And that’s what I’ll keep doing, working towards my dream of being a published author.

This journey is not one of solitude. I had help and support from key writers and editors. These people encouraged, supported me and I grew as a writer in submitting to this publishing house.

When I didn’t get my hopes realized, the writing community gathers around me. This is what this community does, they console with you and they cheer with you. It’s the best place to be if your writing.

For me, the biggest reminder I have is from Jesus. He keeps telling me to write and I’m going to keep writing. For him. For me. For Others.