It’s the dream of all writers to have a dedicated space that they designed just for their dreaming and writing. The place where they can create or scream at the blank screen.

We’ve had this spare room off the main part of the house since we moved in and it’s been my study plus junk room. I’ve written my ever novel in this space and had a huntsman spider crawl on my foot – I was not impressed. (My bruised and black toes attest to my reaction to seeing said spider on my foot). My husband and I decided to rectify this situation.

So today’s post is simple and short. Here’s what the study looked like before, during and after the renovation. Yes, we had realty signs for curtains – for four years!

As you can see there is a massive difference.

I guess it’s a lot like writing. The first draft is messy, as you edit (multiple times and it feels like it will never end) and fix things it’s still chaotic and then…finally it becomes presentable, polished…finished.

My writing journey is always going to be a work in progress and with each new step I take it might feel messy and it will be hard, but I will be a better writer by the end. And this same lesson keeps going and going…as it should.

So keep writing and keep being a work in progress. It’s the best way to be!


What my office looked like on a normal day.


During the renovation

office space

This is the finished product!