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It Shouldn’t Be You

To get his column back, jaded journalist Declan Collins must first review a Christmas party being thrown by the Hamiltons. He begrudgingly agrees. The Hamiltons are tearing down the Community Centre Declan fought for a year to save; a place that holds special significance for Declan and his family.

Event planner, Addey Bennet, needs this party to go off complication free, the continued success of her business depends on it. It’s also an opportunity to heal the fractured relationship she has with her parents.

Only Addey never planned on falling for the man who hates her family, and Declan is surprised at the unexpected attraction he has towards Addey, daughter of the Hamiltons.

Their growing feelings for each other put everything they hold dear in jeopardy.

Series: Find Your Heart in Hart Springs

Three siblings. Three love stories. One small town.

Join each sibling as they journey on a road to happily ever after in this three-book series.

Will each one find out that love is worth the journey?

Book 1: Right In Front of You

After an injury leaves him sidelined, NFL player Hayden Donovan recuperates in Deep Haven, while trying to forget Ally Marshall, the woman he’d have given up his career for. If she didn’t love the NFL lifestyle more than him.

PR rep Ally has come to Deep Haven to haul Hayden back to Texas where he belongs. Her career faces ruin if she can’t get the stubborn fullback to field the bad press he left behind, even if he never recovers from his injury. Dumping Hayden and pretending she didn’t care about him to save their careers worked fine–except for the aching hole in her heart–but it’s so much harder to pretend here in Deep Haven.

As a fragile truce forms between them, will Hayden and Ally forge a future together?  Or allow themselves to be pulled apart by fear and outside forces?