The Christmas Box by Jessica Wakefield


Can Christmas be saved by a mysterious box?

Join three couples across three decades as they find love in places they least expected it.



1995: Braving Christmas

Amy Franklin is in love with her best friend. Years of rejection have left her unable to tell Chris Lawrence how she feels for fear of history repeating itself. But as she becomes the key to saving his family’s struggling Christmas tree farm, she realizes teaming up with Chris permanently might just be worth being brave after all.

2005: Risking Christmas

Holed up in a cabin in Connecticut during a blizzard, chef Josh Keller is looking to finish a proposal for his new restaurant. But he didn’t count on getting snowed in with Nicole Abbot, the very food critic who’d derailed his career faster than you can say master chef. As the days drift by, Josh and Nicole form a tentative truce that might just turn into more.

2015: Faking Christmas

Antonia Katsaros needs a fake boyfriend to attend her sister’s Christmas-themed engagement party, or she’ll never hear the end of it from her meddling family. In the mall, she meets Dylan Matthews a guy more than ready to help the woman who helped his niece. Can their fake relationship turn real just in time for the holidays?


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